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Our People ____

Our people are our greatest asset at Sovereign Financial Holdings B.V. Our leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge with decades of experience and a track record of success at leading a variety of businesses.

Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf

Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf has been actively involved in restructuring and establishing organizations in Qatar and the Middle East for over four decades. Mr. Al Khalaf plays a key role in lending support services to international companies operating in the Middle Eastern business arena and currently sits on the board of Al-Khalaf Group of companies, International Projects Development Company, Saipem Qatar, Middle East Energy & Petroleum Services and a range of other establishments across the Middle East. Mr. Al Khalaf is an executive member of the Qatar Businessmen Association.

Adeniyi Ibraheem Makanjuola

Adeniyi Ibraheem Makanjuola Adeniyi Makanjuola is a graduate of Financial Economics from the University of Essex with an M.Sc in Development Economics from University College London. Mr. Makanjuola is a founding director of Caverton Helicopters Ltd (the first indigenous rotary wing offshore helicopter operator in Africa). Mr. Makanjuola spearheaded the team that bid for and won the US$680million Shell Transportation contract, the US$280million Total Offshore Support contract and the US$105 million Exxon aviation logistics contract in the Cameroun. Mr. Makanjuola has also managed the Nigeria LNG logistics support contract since 2006. He was personally responsible for structuring and launching the 2008 Private Placement of the Caverton Offshore Support Group, which in turn resulted in the 2014 Public listing of the company on the Nigerian stock exchange. Mr. Makanjuola sits on the board of Raven Petroleum, Sovereign Financial Holdings and Value Added Network Solutions GmbH.

Harry Ackerman

Harry Ackerman Mr. Ackerman enjoys a wealth of experience in emerging markets and in the acquisition and promotion of mining and resource projects in Africa and the UAE. He is the founder & CEO of Ackergold Trading Ltd, a director and shareholder with a number of companies including Raven Energy, Raven Resources Group, Corvus Resources Management and Panamera Resources. Mr. Ackerman is also predominantly involved in the acquisition and exploration of oil & gas projects in Africa and the Middle East. Prior to joining Raven Resources Group, Mr. Ackerman held senior positions in Earthstone Resources, Tanex Resources, Kenieba Goldfields and Goldfield Empires Ltd. He advises these companies on their gold portfolios in West Africa. He also serves as advisor to the Canadian Merchant Bank, Forbes and Manhattan on several projects globally.

Louise Tingstrom

Louise Tingstrom Louise is a high-level independent international strategic and financial communications specialist and consultant advising a range of FTSE Euro 100 companies. Louise was until recently a partner at CNC Communications, where she headed M&A and restructuring communications, issues and crisis management practices. She also successfully established the group's UAE operations and ran worldwide corporate relations at Visa International based out of the United States and also International Communications at British Airways. Over the last 12 years, she has worked on mergers valued at more than EU250bn and was ranked by Mergermarket in the top 10 M&A communications advisers worldwide 2003-2013. Louise is fluent in Swedish, English, French and Italian.

Rt. Hon. Tim Lewin

Rt. Hon. Tim Lewin Tim Lewin joined the Financial Services industry in 1972, working first on the floor of the London Commodity Exchange he established his own company in 1987; in 1991 he was invited to join the team engaged by the British Government to develop markets in the former USSR. Tim has served on the Bank of England Committee that monitored markets before the FSA was formed. Tim organised the first visit of the London Stock Exchange to Russia and ran the first conference in London for Russian oil & gas.